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A US judge allows extradition of a father and son to Japan accused of helping Ghosn escape

A federal judge in Boston rejected a recent attempt by a father and son to avoid extradition to Japan to face charges of helping ex-Nissan Motor Company chief Carlos Ghosn escape the country.

The ruling of US District Court Judge Indira Talwani opens the way for the extradition of Michael Taylor, a former US Army Special Forces officer, and his son Peter Taylor to Japan after the US State Department agreed to the extradition.

The father and son were arrested in May at the request of Japan. Talawy suspended their extradition on October 29 until the reasons for their challenge to the Foreign Ministry's decision were heard.

Prosecutors say that Michael and Peter Taylor helped Ghosn escape from Japan on December 29, 2019, when he hid inside a box on a private plane that took him to Lebanon, his place of origin, a country that is not bound by an extradition treaty with Japan.

Ghosn is awaiting his trial on charges related to financial misconduct, including hiding part of the bonuses and bonuses he received in Nissan's financial statements. Ghosn has denied wrongdoing.

Prosecutors said Michael Taylor, a private security specialist, and his son received $ 1.3 million for their services.

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