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Ashraf Qassem: Mustafa Mohamed extended his contract before the loan and did not negotiate with Basem Morsi

Ashraf Qasim, the general supervisor of football at Zamalek Club, confirmed that Mustafa Mohamed extended his contract with Zamalek before leaving for Galatasaray al-Turki, and we did not enter into negotiations with Basem Morsi.

Ashraf Qassem said in televised remarks: "The victory over the clearing was very important and the performance was great from all the players, and from the few times you see Zamalek, it pressures on clearing in every match and the harmony between the players appeared."

Qassem added: "I was afraid of playing without an explicit striker in front of the clearing, but the players were in their condition and achieved the required by three points, and all people were afraid of the draw in the league and the difficulty of the first matches for the team, but Zamalek reassured all the fans of this strong start as a result and performance."

Ashraf Qassem explained: "Mustafa Mohamed's deal ended and he became a player in the ranks of Galata Saray on loan, a season and a half with the right to buy. May God help him in his journey and achieve everything he wishes, and the most important thing is that we achieved Mustafa's dream and we will focus on the team and strive to achieve the aspirations of the Zamalek fans."

Ashraf Qassem added: “We have Omar Al-Saeed, Hamid Ahadad and Osama Faisal, there will be a competition between them to play in the main formation, and we will try to conclude a deal in the next two days and it may be from outside Egypt, and the lack of time may prevent us from contracting with an alternative striker to Mustafa Muhammad, Mustafa Muhammad Madad. His contract with Zamalek before leaving for loan. "

He added: We did not enter into negotiations with Bassem Morsi in a final official form, and tomorrow the fate of Ayman Hefni will be decided to join the team, and Ferjani Sassi is a distinguished player and has weight on the field and the players are happy with his presence with them, and Zamalek needs all the players in the coming period and the brilliance of Imam Ashour cannot keep Farjani from Picture".

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