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Chemical Holding: Inaugurating the industrial complex in Al Milahat, upon completion of the feasibility studies

Major General Alaa Al-Sharif, Chairman of the Board of Directors of El Max Salines, affiliated to the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, a company of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, confirmed that the file of exploiting assets and maximizing returns from the available capabilities is at the top of the files that the company pays great attention to during the current stage.


Alaa El-Sherif added to "The Seventh Day" that the company is about to implement a project that will be the first of its kind in Egypt, and it will be a major shift for the industry and the company alike, especially with regard to the revenues and expected profits from the important project to extract mineral salts from the bitter solution of salts, revealing that the revenues Navigation after implementing the project, it will range from 2 billion pounds to 2.5 billion pounds annually, while profits will range from 400 million to 500 million pounds.


A tripartite memorandum of understanding was signed between the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the Max Salines Company and the Delta Company (MSA) for intermediate chemicals, to establish a national industrial complex for the production of industrial, pharmaceutical and food chemical salts, where a technical and engineering committee was formed from all parties to accelerate the implementation steps for the establishment of the industrial complex.


The head of El-Max company explained that the feasibility studies for the implementation of the projects are still available with the rest of the parties involved in it, especially that we want to provide financing through the company that will implement the project, which is a condition that gives companies a preference, pointing out that once the studies are completed, we will immediately start implementing the general project that can be generalized Later on, the rest of the salt companies that own large salts can produce appropriate quantities of the bitter solution.


It is noteworthy that the project implementation cost is about 350 million dollars, and the implementation takes about two years.

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