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Ismail Youssef: Pacheco's personality is the secret of Zamalek's supremacy, and Badil Mostafa Mohamed is very close

Ismail Youssef, the former star of Zamalek, believes that the personality of Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the coach of the white team, is the main factor in the success of Zamalek, and Youssef said in the statements of the "Evening On Time" program: Zamalek's performance in front of the clearing was extremely sophisticated, pressure and acquisition, and the team became He creates a lot of opportunities, and in the Aswan match we got many opportunities, but the performance was reassuring, and Pacheco is a center in the league and all competitions. "

He added: "I worked with Pacheco as a director of the ball, but his experience was little and he left quickly, and this experience is distinctive and the personality of the coach is very strong, and he was able to find alternatives for senior players in the team, and there are great players who have regained their potential, such as Ferjani Sassi."

He concluded: "In two or three days, Mustafa Mohamed will be a substitute for Zamalek, and he will be an Egyptian player, not Hossam Hassan. Osama Faysal is a distinguished player, but he cannot bear the responsibility now."

For his part, Abdel-Zahir Al-Sakka said: "Zamalek was not affected by the departure of Mustafa Mohamed, because Pacheco was able to control the team despite all the stars in it, and we could not imagine watching Zamalek without Mustafa Mohamed and Sassi, but he managed the match with a professional."

He added: "Zamalek played in front of the clearing without an attacker, and this is something that has not happened in history, and to cancel this idea in front of the clearing, this is a distinct thinking, all the players play defensive and offensive roles until Shikabala, and Pacheco’s words walked on the old before the young."

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