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Moderna is looking for 3 thousand teenage volunteers to try the Corona vaccine

Moderna launched a trial of the Corona vaccine on teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17, about a month ago, but it appears that the company has been struggling to find enough teens to volunteer, and a US federal official said this week that there are not enough teens to participate in the trial Moderna's Corona vaccine, which may delay the vaccine license for this age group.

According to "USA Today", Moncef Salawy, scientific head of Operation Warp Speed, one of the US government's efforts to vaccinate Corona, said that while the trial of the vaccine on adults attracts 800 volunteers per day, the teenage experience has only 800 volunteers per month.

Al-Salawy explained that the study needs at least 3 thousand participants to provide safety and efficacy data for the vaccine, and to obtain permission from the Food and Drug Administration.

"It is really important for all of us and for all residents in America to realize that we cannot obtain this indicator unless adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 decide to participate," Al-Slaoui said.

Although adolescents do not tend to have very serious cases of the Coronavirus, they may get sick and can transmit the virus that causes the disease.

More than two million minors were diagnosed with corona in 2020, and it is possible that many of them contracted the disease but were never diagnosed.

And this fall, American counties with large colleges or universities having in-person classes saw a 56% increase in Corona cases after the start of classes.

Dr. Lee Savio Pears, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics and professor of pediatrics, said that children and adolescents may not bear much of the infection burden, but "are bearing a disproportionate burden from the overall impact of the epidemic."

Legally, children over the age of 7 must agree to participate in an experiment even if their parent agrees to it.

The experimental volunteers are given two injections of the vaccine 3-4 weeks apart and their blood drawn several times.

Dr. Barbara Bahoud, a pediatric infectious disease specialist and director of the Medical Research Center, said that there are still many parents and teens who want to participate in vaccine trials.

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