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Sudanese Foreign Minister: We are not in a border dispute with Ethiopia until we resort to arbitration

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Omar Qamar al-Din, said that the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum gave incorrect information about the military reinforcements on the borders, adding: “We must control ourselves as politicians in our dealings,” adding: “There is no beneficiary from the conflict, and Ethiopia should not be dragged into this kind of Sedition, "pointing out that Ethiopia's description of the borders as" disputed ", is a false description and is not based on any international documents.

On the foreign visits carried out by Sudanese officials, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said in statements to Al-Arabiya TV: "The main purpose of the foreign visits is to clarify the facts to neighboring countries about our conflict with Ethiopia ... We did not notice the participation of any Eritrean forces in our conflict with Ethiopia."

"We do not seek any mediation with Ethiopia over our land and our borders, and we do not wish to escalate ... we are not in a border dispute in order to resort to arbitration ... and Ethiopia has to choose," said Qamar al-Din.

The Sudanese minister revealed that he would make expected tours and visits to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to mobilize diplomatic and legal support.

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