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Warnings of 30,000 people affected by floods in Mozambique during the next two days

A Mozambique relief agency warned on Monday that more than 30,000 people could be affected by floods in the southern province of Jaza over the next two days.

The National Disaster Management Agency concerned with relief affairs in Mozambique - in a statement issued in this regard - stated that these floods are caused by the rise in water levels in the Limpopo and Shaingewedzi rivers as a result of the heavy rains after the outbreak of Hurricane "Elwise" that swept through the central regions of Mozambique during an end holiday Week and the displacement of thousands of people.

The relief agency urged the residents of Ixai-Iksai and Limpopo to leave these areas for their safety from the floods expected within the next two days, and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said last Monday that about seven thousand people were displaced and that more than five thousand homes were destroyed. Or was damaged by floods.

For its part, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said that about 176,000 people were severely affected by the typhoon, and that half of those affected were children.

The UNICEF Fund indicated that the flood waters have already inundated many areas, and that things are getting worse.