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A gene inside the body is the secret behind the success of feelings of contentment and tolerance for newlyweds

A recent study issued by the University of Arkansas revealed a link between a specific gene present in immune cells inside the body and the extent of marriage satisfaction among newlyweds, according to a report published on the Medical Express website.

The study indicated that the gene called CD38 works to increase levels of satisfaction and trust between a person and his partner, as the study relied on data conducted on newlyweds, and concluded that this gene is linked to features useful for bonding and satisfaction with the relationship during the first years of marriage.

The study found that people who have high levels of this gene have more feelings of confidence and gratitude towards a life partner, which enhances the success of the marital relationship at the beginning of marriage, especially feelings of tolerance between the two parties.

Psychologist Anastasia Makhanova, assistant professor of psychology and first author of the study, said that satisfaction with marriage tends to start at high and then low, and the aim of the study was to determine this reason why married couples have difficulty maintaining relationship satisfaction during the period of marriage, as it was found. That there are some genetic predispositions that may play a role in the extent of the satisfaction of husbands with their marriage.

The study relied on collecting the DNA of newlyweds after spending 3 months on marriage, and then conducted another survey after three years of marriage, until the researchers concluded that the couples who had higher levels of the CD38 gene showed their happiness in their marital relationship and their levels of satisfaction and confidence increased towards life partner.

The researchers explained that the presence of this gene at certain levels contributed to the married feeling of gratitude between spouses, in addition to increasing levels of tolerance and satisfaction with the errors of the other party, compared to others who have lower levels.

The study confirmed that there is a possible genetic link with satisfaction with marriage, which contributes to increasing the ability of husbands to face the problems that they may face during the first years of marriage.

It is noteworthy that the CD38 gene, also known as ADP cyclic ribose hydrolase, resides on the surface of many immune cells, "white blood cells", as well as on lymphocytes and normal cells, and also works on cell attachment and the transmission of calcium signals.

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