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A Tunisian was stabbed in a quarrel between illegal immigrants in Italy

A 30-year-old Tunisian immigrant was stabbed in the Vitoria region, in a neighborhood of Daniel Manin Square in Italy, and the Italian police found the young man lying in a side street, where a big quarrel occurred between illegal immigrants.

The Italian agency "ANSA" indicated that the police were unable to arrest the attackers who fled, after they stabbed the young man several times, and he was transferred to Vitoria Hospital, where he is expected to stay for a month to receive treatment.

A Tunisian human rights organization said that the number of Tunisian immigrants who arrived on Italian shores in boats during 2020 increased five times compared to 2019, reaching about 13,000, the highest number since 2011, with the increasing economic and social difficulties in Tunisia.

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights said that the number of Tunisian immigrants who arrived in Italy illegally was in 2019 in the range of 2,654 and about 5,200 in 2018.

Tunisia is under strong pressure from its European allies to stop the bleeding of migration and confront hundreds of boats leaving its coasts, especially after an attack on a church in Nice by a Tunisian immigrant last year.

Tunisia is in a difficult economic situation with widespread unemployment among young people a decade after the revolution that ended the rule of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in 2011.

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