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Al-Tale'i closes the contractors page, conducts a Corona swab for Pyramids, and awaits Basioni's position

The technical staff of the army leaders closed the page of the Arab Contractors match that was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Military Sports Authority Stadium in the eleventh round of the Premier League competition, and due to the lack of time, the Al-Tale'i'a begins preparing to face the Pyramids scheduled for the fifth on Saturday afternoon at the air defense stadium in the twelfth round of the competition. Those who participated in facing the wolves of the mountain for hospitalization training while the substitutes and the excluded are going through a strong exercise, and the whole team conducts a corona scan in preparation for facing the Pyramids, provided that the fate of Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, the technical director of the team suffering from the Corona virus, was determined and was absent from the confrontation of the National Bank and the Arab Contractors, which were managed by the bilateral Ahmed Abdel Dear and Yasser Ali.

Abdel Hamid Bassiouni is discussing a plan to amend the position of Al-Tale'i in the league table after the team received a series of defeats since the start of the league competition after a series of infections with the Corona virus that struck its players and caused their absence from some matches, which caused a decline in results.

Al-Jaysh club agreed to loan Hussein Al-Sayed Marcelo, left-back to the team, and Mustafa Al-Zinari, a defender, born in 99, to the Ismaili club for the end of the current season.

Brigadier General Ahmed Fouad Al Mahdi, director of football at Talaia Al-Jaish club, said that his club’s board of directors agreed to loan the duo to the dervishes within the framework of the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two clubs, and the keenness of the board of directors of the Talaia al-Jaysh club to help the Ismaili in his current crisis.

The Talaia Al-Jaish club had previously decided to accept the team's technical director Tariq Al-Ashry's apology for continuing in his position, and Abdel-Hamid Bassiouni, the technical director of the team, also decided to return during the coming period.

Tariq Al-Ashry had left Haras Al-Hodoud, and Al-Jaysh vanguards used him instead of Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, who left before the start of the new season, specifically last November, and Al-Tale'i collected 41 points in the last edition of the league in 11th place in the ranking table, after playing 34 matches he won In 9, he drew 14, lost 11 matches, and his players scored 32 goals and conceded 37 goals

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