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Armenia records 283 new cases of Corona, and Indonesia reports 195 deaths

The Armenian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 283 new cases of coronavirus; The total number of injuries in the country reached 171,793.

The ministry explained - as reported by the Armenian Pan Armenian newspaper today, Saturday - that there are 144 people who recovered, bringing the total of those recovering to 163,309 people.

It indicated that seven new deaths were recorded; The total number of deaths due to infection with the virus reaches 3,190 deaths, including 813 cases who died from other diseases.

Indonesia: 6,208 new cases of Corona ... the total rises to 1.3 million cases

Today, Saturday, the Indonesian authorities announced the registration of 6,208 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, and 195 deaths resulting from it.

The task force concerned with responding to the Covid-19 crisis in the country stated that the total number of confirmed cases rose to one million and 329 thousand and 74 injuries, while the total number of deaths increased to 35 thousand and 981 deaths, according to the official Indonesian news agency, "Antara".

The active cases reached 158,197 cases, while 7382 cases recovered, bringing the total number of recoveries to one million, 136 thousand and 54 cases.