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Ayman Ashraf returns to the main formation of Al-Ahly in the Tala'a Al-Jaysh match

Al-Ahly player Ayman Ashraf returns to form the main team in the Talaa Al-Jaish match scheduled for next Sunday in the Premier League championship, after he missed the main team formation in the Simba Tanzanian match.

Ayman Ashraf participated as a substitute in the last minutes of the Al-Ahly and Simba match yesterday, Tuesday, in the second round of the group stage in the African Champions League, which Al-Ahly lost with a clean goal.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani settled to pay Ayman Ashraf in the starting line-up for the Al-Jaysh Vanguards match at the expense of Yasser Ibrahim.

The Al-Ahly mission arrived in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, coming from Tanzania after losing to Simba, and the team gets a break from training today and tomorrow, and Friday begins preparing for the Al-Jaysh match in the Premier League.

In a related development, Al-Ahly player Ali Maaloul will gradually participate in the team's group training, starting tomorrow, Friday, after he recovered from his recent injury.

Ali Maaloul was injured in the match between Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the last Club World Cup in Qatar, where the Tunisian international was severely injured in the back muscle.

Ali Maaloul underwent a rehabilitation program to recover from an injury in the background and Al-Ahly, the injury that was kept out of the team's last matches.

Ali Maaloul was absent from the Palmeiras match in the World Cup clubs, then the Sudanese Al Merrikh and Simba Tanzanian match in the African Champions League group stage, and Ali Maaloul is scheduled to participate in Al-Ahly's group training gradually starting from Friday and then return completely after his full readiness.

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