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British Army Commander: The economic repercussions of Corona exacerbate security challenges

The British Army Commander warned that the Corona pandemic had led to national barriers and economic crises reminiscent of the period before World War II.

General Sir Nick Carter, chief of the Defense Staff, said the security challenges posed by the pandemic are similar to those the world faced in the 1930s.

In an interview with The Telegraph newspaper, the most senior military commander in Britain said that there is a need for global cooperation in order to better address the Corona crisis and its economic repercussions. Carter explained that what we find in general with a crisis like this, which becomes an economic crisis, is that it undermines stability and the security situation as well. A security challenge often follows any major economic event.

"If we look at the 1930s, it started with a great economic meltdown, and that was a very destabilizing feature," he said. There are moments in history when great economic challenges have led to security challenges because they are destabilizing. "

The Telegraph says that the economic crisis caused by the Great Depression was linked to the rise of fascism in Europe and then the outbreak of World War II. Global tensions over Corona are increasing as concerns over vaccine supplies and borders close.

Sir Nick Carter says: There was some unity about the vaccine, but in general, people put national barriers, and this does not help with security and stability, and what the virus also revealed are some international rifts, and also within society.

And the newspaper considered, that this is Carter's strongest hint so far that the world may face another large-scale conflict. He had previously warned that escalating competition between nations could lead to miscalculation and lead to war.

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