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Commercial representation: the expansion of electronic shopping is a condition for increasing exports to China

The commercial advisor, Mahitab Fouad, head of the Egyptian Commercial Office in Beijing, called on Egyptian food companies to expand electronic marketing operations for their products to increase exports to China.


This came during a seminar organized by the Export Council for Food Industries today, Wednesday, via video conference, under the title “Opportunities for developing Egyptian food industries exports to China.”


She stressed the importance of moving from traditional sales to companies and creating electronic platforms to introduce their products, explaining that Chinese consumers before the Corona pandemic used to rely on electronic purchases at rates ranging from 10 to 25%, and with the pandemic and the government's taking precautionary measures, the percentage increased to range from 50 to 60 %.


Fouad indicated that the office held meetings in the past period with e-marketing companies, including the "JD" company, which is one of the most famous commercial platforms in China that sells all products to consumers, and which made it clear that the sellers get advantages from displaying their products on the electronic platforms, including Ease of procedures for entering the market for the product and the possibility of exempting it from some of the required certificates, in addition to obtaining some tax cuts and customs exemptions.


She stated that the development witnessed by China during the past period showed segments of consumers with high purchasing power, especially in the regions (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou) that have the desire to buy on the condition that they obtain high-quality products, noting that there is a strong trend in China to demand healthy food products .


Fouad pointed out that although China is one of the largest importing markets for food products, most imports come from Spain and Italy, and Egypt's share of it is very small, due to the lack of information about Egyptian products and their comparative advantages, as well as the lack of knowledge of Egyptian companies how to enter this market and its needs.


She noted the need to work on organizing promotional and introductory campaigns for Egyptian products in this market in cooperation between the Council and commercial representation, as well as the possibility of organizing parties for tastings, as well as visiting some Chinese regions that are interested in buying foreign products, and providing brochures in the Chinese language about the Egyptian product and its benefits.

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