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Lebanese Interior Minister: The security situation is coherent and stable despite the pressures and crises

Minister Fahmy: There is Lebanese security coordination with Egypt and Arab countries to combat terrorism and organized crime

• Handling Lebanese crises begins with forming a new government

• Keen to defend the prestige of the Lebanese state and protect general stability

• Economic pressures, political crises, the repercussions of Corona and the Beirut Port explosion affect the security situation

• The Governmental Serail of Tripoli was targeted with 600 Molotov cocktails and 18 defensive grenades

• The security and military agencies are making a great effort in the field of pre-emptive security and striking the bases of terrorism

• There is a great societal commitment to measures to prevent corona ... and I am keen to be flexible within the limits of the law

The Lebanese Minister of Interior, Mohamed Fahmy, confirmed that the security situation in Lebanon is coherent and stable to a great extent, despite the negative repercussions of the political, economic and living crises that the country is experiencing, noting that the security services are making great and exceptional efforts in the field of proactive security to combat terrorism and hit the crime rules Organization in order to protect the country.

Minister Mohamed Fahmy said - in an interview with the Middle East News Agency in Beirut - that there is strong security coordination and cooperation between Lebanon and all brotherly Arab countries, especially Egypt, in order to confront terrorist cells and outposts and organized criminal groups that aim to destabilize Arab peoples and countries, and that this Coordination achieves distinguished results in terms of confronting terrorism in particular.

Fahmy considered that the key to the basic solution to the various crises and problems that Lebanon is going through is based on the formation of the new government, so that it is possible to move forward in dealing with multiple crises and work to address them, pointing out that a set of internal political nodes hinder the government formation, as well as the fact that Lebanon is He is widely affected by the regional and international situations, expressing fear of the delay in the relief of the Lebanese crises, linked to reaching solutions to regional crises and international disputes.

He added, "The Lebanese internal situation is witnessing a state of general confusion due to the absence of an effective government in the country, considering that the work of the existing government is restricted to conducting business only." He stressed that all data indicate that there is no internal agreement - so far - to end the state of government vacuum. Between the effective Lebanese political forces and parties.

The Lebanese Minister of Interior indicated that the priority of his work is to preserve and defend the prestige of the state, protect the security situation and general stability, and spread reassurance in the hearts of the Lebanese and all those residing on Lebanese lands, in light of the large number of crises and accumulated internal pressures and external influences that Lebanon is exposed to. .

The Lebanese Minister of Interior stressed that the security institutions, the Lebanese army, the information and intelligence agencies are sparing no effort in order to protect the foundations of the state, defend the Lebanese people and confront any internal or external attempts to destabilize the situation, praising in this regard the level of existing security-military cooperation and coordination.

He stressed that all logical security readings and analyzes make the possibility of a limited security disruption being possible in light of the political crises, unprecedented economic pressures and the repercussions of the Beirut sea port explosion that occurred last August and the spread of the Corona epidemic, explaining that he had previously warned of this matter. During security meetings and with presidential references.

Fahmy pointed out that he had previously raised these matters in a number of security and presidential meetings and meetings, about the possibility of some criminal and terrorist operations, such as recent assassinations that resonated internally and externally, or hostile operations using explosive devices carried out by terrorist cluster cells of individuals and elements. Limited not linked to centralized organizational structures.

He said, "The security services are doing their utmost in proactive action, tracking organized criminal groups and pursuing terrorist cluster cells, and there are reports that are submitted on a daily basis and directives issued to confront any prejudice to the security of Lebanon and its people, but this does not prevent the occurrence of escaping as much from time to time, because it is in the security field." "It is not possible anywhere in the world to prevent 100% terrorist crimes. This is impossible."

The Lebanese Minister of Interior referred to the violent events that took place in the city of Tripoli (in the north of the country) during the past month, noting that the city witnessed many demonstrations and legitimate popular protests in the face of hardships and economic and living deterioration, but the security services noticed a systematic plan by some to spread chaos. And targeting the prestige of the state by carrying out large-scale riots under the guise of protest movements.

He explained that the systematic targeting of the government palace in Tripoli and the daily insistence on trying to storm and burn it, as well as setting fire to the municipality building was not a random act or a kind of "spontaneous anger" ... indicating that the Serail building was targeted with 600 Molotov cocktails and 18 defensive grenades. Military.

He added, "This sabotage situation, in which huge quantities of bombs, including hand grenades, are used against a building representing the Lebanese state. It is very costly and with it it is impossible for those who carried out to be mere individuals who took to the streets spontaneously. There was a certain pattern and a systematic plan." To achieve terrorist goals and interests, I am not exaggerating when I say that there are fingerprints of the work of foreign state agencies, so far unknown, that use individuals from the inside from the Lebanese and offer the individual displaced Syrians in their implementation.

Fahmy indicated that during the great and organized attack against the Government Serail in Tripoli, he gave direct orders to the security forces to defend the building and prevent its storming, and to emphasize that this matter is a red line that should not be crossed because it represents what remains of the prestige of the Lebanese state, stressing that the forces The security agency, in charge of protecting the Serail, used the right of legitimate defense guaranteed by law.

He continued, "The security forces in the events of Tripoli, as well as throughout Lebanon, carried out - and still is - their tasks to the fullest and in accordance with the dictates of the law and without bypassing it. Officers and members of the security forces are not from another country, they are a segment of the Lebanese people and suffer the same economic pressures." And the difficulties of living, but military discipline is what makes them perform their duties honorably and without any influences, and I am keen on my part to support the morale of the sons of the security institutions and to affirm cohesion and cohesion among the elements of the security forces, because there is a main goal is to protect Lebanon.

The Lebanese Minister of Interior affirmed his keenness to protect peaceful demonstrations and protest and prevent "rioters" from attacking demonstrators, officers and members of the security forces, and public and private property, indicating that some demonstrations begin in a peaceful and civilized manner, and later turn into "organized chaos" where riots and arson erupt. And the attacks, stressing that this type of methods is a means to a greater goal, which is to eliminate peaceful demonstrations, distort civilized protests, and spread unacceptable randomness and demagoguery.

Fahmy explained that the first days of the October 17 uprising of the year 2019 were expressing the vast majority of the Lebanese people who were tired of the widespread corruption and the tyranny of personal interests over the people's interests and the absence of accountability and accountability, noting that the first week of the "spontaneous and peaceful uprising" was led by the Lebanese youth. Right demands.

He added: "The October 17 uprising in its early days had broad popular support, amounting to about 90% of the Lebanese, without exaggeration, and it represents me just as my family members participated in their protest manifestations, but what we witnessed after that of violence and riots cannot be accepted, and I am here talking about Transforming the peaceful protest path into chaos, and some internal and external interventions and attempts to exploit and impose control and domination of popular movements and direct them to achieve goals contrary to the lofty goal for which the uprising broke out.

He continued, "When I assumed my position as Minister of the Interior, I devised a general strategy based on protecting the right to peaceful protest, confronting any attempt aimed at transforming demonstrations into total chaos or intimidation of safe citizens, and taming the non-peaceful violent side of some protest manifestations in a manner consistent with the provisions of the law and under its roof." .

With regard to the Coronavirus crisis in Lebanon, Minister Mohamed Fahmy expressed his satisfaction with the level of societal commitment to the preventive measures and measures imposed by the state in order to limit the spread of the epidemic, including the state of general closure, indicating that the response is large, and that the majority of the Lebanese are committed to wearing Masks, and they are keen to obtain the prior permits decided by the government to allow movement and movement.

He said: "I am keen on strict application of the rules related to closure and prevention of movement because the aim of them is to protect the health of people and limit the spread of the epidemic, but at the same time I stress the need to observe the spirit of the law and not use the sword of violations and seizure records cruelly in confronting people, because there are some He disagrees, but when you confront him with a violation, he shows clear human sincerity by not intending to violate or wanting to defy the law, and for this there is a degree and a margin of flexibility. I gave my orders that the security forces should take care of him because we are not in a confrontation with the honorable and disciplined citizen.

He added, "In some cases, we encountered people whose economic conditions did not allow the purchase of masks, and for this the response was by giving them free masks instead of writing contravention reports against them .. The Ministry of Interior distributed nearly two million masks free of charge to those who are unable and who had to move suddenly without having masks in their possession." ... among the instructions that I stress to the security forces is that whoever deals with you with respect, you should reciprocate the honorable treatment and help him. "

Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy asserted that if Lebanon had not witnessed these exceptional economic conditions pressing on all segments and classes of society, he would not have allowed the slightest exception or flexibility in this context. He continued: "I make sure that the Ministry of the Interior is flexible within the spirit of the law and without causing harm to the citizen."

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