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Raghad Saddam Hussein: My son was killed when the Americans bombed my house with 11 missiles

Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the former Iraqi president, announced that she would return to Iraq, confirming that she would return to her country one day, adding: “This is my country and I will return to it.” Revealing the secrets of the last days of her and her families before her escape from the palace of government in Iraq to Syria.

The daughter of the late former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein revealed, in an exclusive interview on Al-Arabiya TV, the circumstances of the killing of her two brothers, Qusay and Uday, and how they were slandered by figures she described as "the agent" who travels between Arab and Western countries.

Raghad referred to the loss of one of her sons in the US bombing of Iraq: “11 rockets fell on my house, and one of my sons was martyred,” and here she collapsed and went into tears.

Raghad Saddam Hussein stopped at the details of her farewell to her house on the farm, where she took a final look at the walls and the house itself, indicating that at that time she was sure that she would not see him again.

She indicated that her escape to Syria was carried out illegally and unorganized by her plan, explaining that their stay in the Syrian city of Aleppo did not last for long for several reasons, including "the absence of a friendly situation with the Syrians."

Raghad explained that the US invasion of Iraq began in the 1990s, noting that the country, with the election of every new American administration, entered a state of war until it ended with the occupation of Iraq by Western countries in 2003.

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