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Schubert: Al-Ahly has two divisions and a musical, it is necessary to give Mohamed Sharif a greater chance

The media, Ahmed Schubert, praised the performance of Al-Ahly team in its first match in the group stage in the African Champions League, directing reproach to South Africa, Betsu Musimani, the technical director of the Red Genie, for attacking Mohamed Sharif. We did not feel the absence of Maaloul, because Mahmoud Wahid played a big match despite his long-time exclusion from participating. "

And Schubert adds: "Some gains appeared for Al-Ahly, most notably that the red team has two teams at the highest level and the spirit is sweet among the players, but delaying victory is bad because some matches may close, the goal of Qafsha is an easy example and it would have been possible if the goalkeeper was distinguished and the goalkeeper bears responsibility for two of the three goals. Netted his window. "

Schubert continued: "Wasting easy goals is a strange phenomenon. Musimani needs to see a solution to the players' final touch. We must pay tribute to the gossip that is on his mind, and Courten's shawl is the most difficult thing to do, and I liked Musimani's changes. I love to see Saad Samir in the stadium. "

Schubert continued: "Repentance, but to Musimani, Eddie Mohamed Sharif, at least 25 minutes. The boy deserves, and although you gave him 7 minutes, but he moved and worked and had a 100% correct penalty."

Al-Ahly team succeeded in achieving a three-way victory without a response at the expense of the Sudanese club Al-Merrikh in the opening matches of the first group of the African Champions League, and the first goal of the Red Team came through Mohamed Magdy Qafsha in the 57th minute, while the second goal for Al-Ahly was scored in the 63rd minute, and the third goal To Al-Ahly through the player Walter Bwalia, in the 71st minute, to score his first goal with Al-Ahly since joining last January.

With this victory, Al-Ahly club's balance rose to 3 points at the top of the first group of the African Champions League, with a goal difference from Simba, who is ranked second with the same balance of points, then Vita Club without balance, as well as Al-Merrikh of Sudan.

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