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The Banks Union provides 500 million pounds to support the state’s efforts to provide the Corona vaccine

The Federation of Egyptian Banks, headed by Mohamed Al-Etribi, has succeeded in providing financial support worth 500 million pounds to support the availability of the Corona virus vaccine to the most deserving groups, in cooperation with the (Long Live Egypt) Fund and with the participation of the member banks. The largest share was contributed by banks (Al-Ahly of Egypt - Egypt - Commercial International "Egypt" - Qatar Al-Watani Al-Ahly of Egypt - Cairo - Arab African International)


The Federation of Egyptian Banks' support comes as a continuation of its pivotal role in supporting the state's efforts to combat the Coronavirus, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt.


The Federation announced - in a statement today, Wednesday - that, since the announcement of the emerging (Corona) virus, a global pandemic, it has put in mind the safety and health of workers and dealers in the banking sector, based on the keenness of the Federation of Egyptian Banks to play its pivotal role in the field of social responsibility and is always the owner of the initiatives that It aims to support the Egyptian community in all cases.


The Federation stressed that in light of the delicate conditions that the world is going through, after the spread of (Corona), which was declared a global epidemic, all efforts must be united to confront it, especially because of its effects on the economic, social and health levels, and at the forefront of these efforts he coordinated the campaign of donations in favor of those affected The repercussions of the Coronavirus, as the banking system donated an amount of more than 750 million Egyptian pounds, as teamwork, integration and coordination of the contributions of all community institutions has a positive impact in facing crises.


He explained that the participation of banks in supporting and providing the Coronavirus vaccine to the deserving groups of the most deserving groups comes from the leading role of these banks in the field of social responsibility, as social responsibility is considered one of the most important axes in which banks believe, as support is provided to the Egyptian community through participation. In many activities and initiatives of a social nature, and working to achieve the best for society in general in several areas such as health, education, social solidarity and community development, such as projects to develop Egyptian villages most in need through small and micro enterprises to contribute to creating job opportunities for youth and breadwinning women, in cooperation with Civil society organizations, slum development, and everything related to human development.


The Federation affirmed its constant keenness to encourage partnerships between the different sectors of the Egyptian society, governmental, private and private, by presenting a successful model in society that would be later circulated at all levels and sectors. And that is for the actual and real contribution to the development and renaissance of society.

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