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The closure of the Moroccan consulate in Canada after one of its employees was infected with the Corona virus

The Moroccan Consulate General in Montreal issued a statement informing Moroccans that it will continue to provide its services to the public from a distance, due to the discovery that one of its employees was infected with the new Corona virus.

The statement indicated that "the decision comes within the framework of the consulate's full respect of mandatory health protocols, and to preserve health security for all, after it was confirmed that one of the employees working with the Coronavirus was confirmed."

The consulate stated that "the doors of its headquarters will be closed until all employees undergo the necessary medical examinations and tests, adhere to the necessary quarantine and subject the consulate headquarters to complete sterilization."

The statement pointed out that the Consulate General will resume receiving citizens in presence at its headquarters, starting Friday, February 12th.

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