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The Sudanese Defense Council takes a number of decisions to enhance security and stability

The Sudanese Security and Defense Council took, in a meeting held this evening, Sunday, headed by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, a number of measures and decisions to enhance security and stability.

Lieutenant General Yassin Ibrahim Yass, the Sudanese Minister of Defense, said in a press statement that the council heard a report on the overall security situation, especially in West Darfur, through the report presented by the government delegation, which recently visited the state, in which he explained in detail the reasons for the renewed conflicts and Tribal Conflicts in Darfur, Current Treatments and Radical Solutions.

The Security and Defense Council supported what was stated in the report, praising the efforts made by the delegation and its wisdom in dealing with events and managing the dialogue, and that the Council reassured the measures and measures that had been taken to calm the situation, praising the civil initiatives within the framework of solutions.

The Security and Defense Council appreciated the agreement to stop hostilities and fighting, expressing thanks to the citizens of Darfur for their cohesion and understanding of the importance of peace and security and official and popular endeavors to end the conflict, uphold national values ​​and renounce violence and discrimination, and also thanked the parties that rushed to provide humanitarian aid to those affected and affected.

The Sudanese Minister of Defense stated that the Security and Defense Council decided to facilitate the fair access and flow of humanitarian aid to those who deserve it, in coordination with national and international organizations, and to take the necessary measures to defuse the crisis and tensions in order to preserve the prestige of the state and ensure the integrity of the social fabric.

The Council also decided to strengthen the capabilities of the regular forces and security services in Darfur, and to continue the collection and disarmament operations, and hold accountable those involved in the events and bring them to justice.

The Minister of Defense said that the Council appreciates the tension that prevailed during the period of the events, and assures everyone that it has taken the necessary decisions and measures to ensure that the citizen enjoys security and stability as a motive for the process of building and prosperity.

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