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Yasser Rayan: Al-Ahly players had to have confidence in themselves against Bayern more than this

Former Al-Ahly star Yasser Ryan commented on the performance of the red team against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, stressing that better management of the match was in the hands of the team's players more than technical director Pitso Musimini in the match, which Al-Ahmar lost by two clean goals.

Ryan said in a statement to "The Seventh Day", Al-Ahly players had to trust themselves in front of Bayern more than this, especially as they are the champions of the continent of Africa, regardless of the difference in capabilities between Africa and Europe, but self-confidence would make the difference, especially in light of Restore conditions in the second half of the match.

The Al-Ahly club team, led by its South African technical director Pitso Musimini, succeeded in gaining the respect and confidence of the red fans, and indeed the world at large, in light of his appearance with honorable steadfastness in the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup in the Qatari capital Doha, especially in the second half, after presenting the first game Unworthy of the Red Castle ambition against Bayern Munich, despite the loss by two goals without a response.

Al-Ahly was able to supervise Egyptian football, in light of the attempts to withstand the speeds and difference of potential in front of the European champion, especially in light of the convincing performance of the duo Mohamed Hani and the brilliant goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy.

The Bayern double carried the signature of the Polish star Lewandowski with a goal in each half, thus facing the German champion Tigres Mexican team in the final of the tournament, while Al-Ahly will play with Brazilian Palmeiras for the third and fourth places tomorrow, Thursday.

Bayern's performance calmed down in the second half, but remained the most dangerous, but Al-Shenawi shone clearly and saved his goal more than once, and Hussein Al-Shahat came out and Salah Mohsen participated in his place, and Bwalia instead of Kahraba and Diang instead of Qafsha, and Al-Ahly pressed more, but the effectiveness was absent.

Petso Musimini, the technical director of the football first team at Al-Ahly club, said that he and its auxiliary apparatus and the players will spend the coming hours studying the pros and cons of the Qatari Al-Duhail and Bayern Munich matches in the FIFA Club World Cup competitions in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit before the match for the third and fourth places in front of Palmeiras Brazilian next Thursday.

Musimane added: Of course, we are looking forward to achieving the third place and the bronze medal, and then we have to take advantage of the Al-Duhail and Bayern Munich matches, which ended with Al-Ahly winning in the first with a clean goal and losing with a clean double in the second, to achieve our remaining goal at this stage of the competition.

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