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Yemen's Foreign Minister to "The Seventh Day": We trust America's support for its allies in facing extremism

Ahmed bin Mubarak, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen and Expatriate Affairs, said that the Republic of Yemen has close ties with the United States based on common interests and combating terrorism and extremist groups, and we are looking forward to strengthening this relationship with the new American administration during the next phase, especially after it has appointed a special envoy to our country, We are also confident that the United States, with the values ​​of justice and freedom it bears, will always stand with its allies to confront all countries and entities aimed at destabilizing global stability and spreading extremist ideology, foremost of which is Iran and its arms in the region.

As for the US administration’s announcement of its intention to cancel the previous administration’s decision to place the Houthis on the list of terrorist organizations, the Secretary of State said in exclusive statements for the seventh day that the decision has not been canceled so far, but it is subject to review and it is a decision that represents an opportunity for the international community to have a tool of influence on the Houthi group Canceling the decision without obtaining a counterpart may send wrong messages, and we understand the new US administration’s keenness to end the human suffering in Yemen, establish peace and end the war, which are common goals between us. The human suffering in Yemen is a manifestation of a real problem. If not addressed, the suffering will still exist, and we agree with the goals. But the debate is now about possible approaches to achieve these goals, and we welcomed the appointment of a new US envoy to Yemen, as he is familiar with the details of the right issue.

He stressed that Yemeni legitimacy supports all peace efforts, as war was not our choice, and the UN envoy is making great efforts in the context of seeking to achieve comprehensive and sustainable peace in our country, despite Houthi intransigence, its procrastination and its coup against all the agreements signed with it, as a result of its dependence on the Iranian project aimed at destabilizing regional and international stability, However, it started from an imprecise approach on the impact of the humanitarian situation as a result of classifying the Houthis as a terrorist organization, and as a result the government presented an integrated vision and special committees were formed to dispel these concerns as the legitimate representative of the Yemeni people, and out of its concern for all components of the Yemeni people, including those under the control of the militia. Terrorist.

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