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Abdel Nasser Mohamed: Al-Ahly and Zamalek are not at their level ... and Marwan needs the support of the masses

Abdel Nasser Mohamed, the former technical director of Masr Club, confirmed that the two poles of Egyptian football are far from their level during this period, and Marwan Mohsen suffers from the crowd stalking him and needs support from them.

Nasser Muhammad said, during his interview with journalist Ahmed Schubert on the "Ontime Stadium" program broadcast on On Time Sports: "The Oman Authority traveled in October 2020 and finished the league with Bahla in sixth place, and the players are at the top of commitment, they fully apply professionalism, and they contracted. With professionals from Ghana and Brazil who contributed to the excellent results of the Bahla team, I came back due to family circumstances, and my successor in Bahla Club tried to convince me to stay as the technical director of the team. "

Abdel Nasser Mohamed explained: "My experience with Masr Club was the best in my career as a technical director, and I was one of the candidates to lead Military Production and the National Bank."

Abdel Nasser Mohamed added: "Marwan Mohsen is a very good striker and lives a period of tremendous confidence from the great criticism of the fans that lie in wait for him, and he needs great support from the Al-Ahly fans because he is a great striker, and the evidence is that he plays with all the foreign coaches that caught Al-Ahly and the national team, and they do not understand." .

Abdel Nasser Mohamed added: "Al-Ahly and Zamalek are currently not at their level, but are able to overtake the Vita Club and the Tunisian Esperance, despite the fact that Al-Abyad suffers from administrative problems."

Abdel Nasser Mohamed explained: "Abdel-Hamid Basyouni is the most prominent striker who played alongside him in the military team, and I spoke to him before confronting Al-Ahly and told him you will draw. He said I will defeat you at any point in Egypt, but Al-Ahly won in the last minutes, and El-Shennawy is a great goalkeeper and he made an excellent match. ".

Abdel Nasser Mohamed added: "He was hoping to play in the Al-Ahly club, and that Hossam Hassan was the best striker in the history of Egypt, and that he feared Medhat Abdel Hadi's strong interference on him, and the league title is limited between Al-Ahly and Zamalek only."

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