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Economist: "Aswan Forum" opens the way for Egyptian companies to rebuild Africa

Dr. Mustafa Abu Zeid, Director of the Egypt Center for Economic and Strategic Studies, confirmed that the establishment of the Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development in its second edition comes to complete discussions on developing frameworks, plans and policies on the extent to which the goals of the African Sustainable Development Strategy 2063 are achieved, and the challenges that prevent the achievement of those goals, in addition to strengthening Economic cooperation through the African Free Trade Agreement, which came into effect last year, and benefit from the accumulated experiences of Egypt in the field of infrastructure and digital transformation, especially after Egypt's success during the past years in achieving a qualitative leap in the infrastructure of roads, bridges, axes, water networks, sewage and water In addition to the electronic services provided to citizens, and therefore there will be a need for African countries to contribute to Egypt in these areas, and open the way for increasing the demand for national Egyptian companies to implement these works in African countries, and to achieve economic and social development for the African continent, through coordination and integration between expertise and capabilities. Available resources and funding required, if it is self-contained or with the help of donors Lender.


Abu Zayd said in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that Egypt's keenness to establish the Aswan Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development in its second version, especially in light of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic from severe economic impacts on most countries of the world, gives a clear and strong indication of the importance of this African gathering to discuss ways to confront The economic impacts of slowing trade, increasing unemployment rates and increasing debts due to the decline in public revenues, and the injection of more stimulus packages to economic activities, especially those affected.


Abu Zeid added that during the Corona crisis, Egypt dealt professionally, severely through rapid measures that alleviated the negative repercussions on economic activities, in addition to adopting the philosophy of continuing economic activities while taking all preventive measures, which contributed to maintaining the positive overall indicators of the Egyptian economy and praising all International institutions and credit rating of the strength and flexibility of the Egyptian economy.

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