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How do Corona vaccines protect against cancer and Alzheimer's?

A report published in the Mail Online newspaper revealed the health benefits that will accrue to the immune system after consuming the Corona virus vaccines, which were not only limited to fighting infection and blocking viral infections due to Corona, but rather the results indicate obtaining protection from many diseases if taking Corona vaccines, According to what was stated on the express site.

The report emphasized that the health benefits of coronavirus vaccines could include fighting cancer and Alzheimer's, as vaccines train the immune system and strengthen its defenses, which helps fight cancer.

According to Mail Online reports, the BCG vaccine, which protects against tuberculosis, is used to treat bladder cancer patients with non-invasive tumors - given directly into the bladder to help the immune system fight cancer.

The results showed that the Corona virus vaccines of the American company Pfizer, and the company Exfor-AstraZenkia, may reduce the incidence of serious diseases, as it was found that a single dose of the Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech reduces the number of asymptomatic infections and can significantly reduce the risk of transmission Infection.

The report also emphasized that the Pfizer vaccine not only provides protection from SARS-CoV-2 infection, but also helps prevent infection, which reduces the possibility of transmitting the virus to others.

It has also been shown that vaccines in general contribute to giving the immune system great capabilities to resist viral infections and multiple diseases.

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